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  • Archery Golf Systems
    Informal Sports
    Project for sporting entertainment: combines golf, archery and outdoor walks. Principles, reviews and facilities are aptly demonstrated.
    sporting activities - archery golf - archery - walking in nature - sports structures - sports facilities
    project for sporting entertainment; the perfect solution for entertaining tourist of alla ages. it combines golf, archery and pleasant walks in contact with nature.

  • Asphip
    Informal Sports
    Features photographs and video to explain the concept and rules of this new sport from Japan. [Japanese and English]

  • Belgium Danball
    Informal Sports
    A street ball game played by two teams, each with three or more players. Information and rules.
    danball ballsports belgium belgian league rob van helvoort
    danball basically is a game, but it's really so much more. it's friendship, it's competition, it's pizza, but above all, it's just outright fun. the first game in belgium was played on a frosty evening in february 1997. up till now we had four games with a lot more to come as people start to discover the fun of playing danball.

  • Bootthrowers' House
    Informal Sports
    Discussion, event calendar, results, ranking and blogs of boot-throwing and interesting stories around it.

  • Crossball
    Informal Sports
    The site describes how to play crossball. Crossball is the combination of lacrosse and baseball. It is played on a baseball diamond.

  • Dartball USA
    Informal Sports
    Combines the skill of darts with the rules of baseball. Information about equipment, basic rules, and regulations.

  • DooshBall
    Informal Sports
    A ball with elastic connected and a strap that has velcro attached. Wrap the strap around the wrist and bounce and catch. How to make one, news, top 3 tips, guest book, and the champions.
    dooshball sport active fun ball game

  • Flair Bartenders Association
    Informal Sports
    The FBA promotes visually dramatic bartending as a sport by hosting competitions and providing rules/assistance to help foster new participants.
    flair - bartending - bottles - flipping - fba - performance - barflair - bartender - extreme - fire - tricks - bars - showtend - drinks - alcohol - bartending - pub - contests - sports - quest - disney - legends - fbn - barman - freestyle - cocktail - barmagic - mixology - restaurants - nightclubs - pubs - taverns - entertainment - promotion - competition - art - magic - juggle - juggling - beverage - mixologist - showmanship
    flair bartenders' association, inc. is dedicated to the sport of flair bartending. known for bottle flipping, flair bottles, specialty drinks, performance and extreme bartending.

  • Freeze Tag Basketball
    Informal Sports
    A form of basketball where select players can "freeze" other players. Contains a listing of rules amd biographical information about the creators.

  • Freeze Tag Basketball
    Informal Sports
    A form of basketball where select players can "freeze" other players. Includes a listing of rules and biographical information about the creators.

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