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  • International DodgeBall Federation
    Informal Sports
    The IDBF was founded in 1998 to promote and organize the sport. Rules, products, and tournament information. Official site.

  • Flair Bartenders Association
    Informal Sports
    The FBA promotes visually dramatic bartending as a sport by hosting competitions and providing rules/assistance to help foster new participants.
    flair - bartending - bottles - flipping - fba - performance - barflair - bartender - extreme - fire - tricks - bars - showtend - drinks - alcohol - bartending - pub - contests - sports - quest - disney - legends - fbn - barman - freestyle - cocktail - barmagic - mixology - restaurants - nightclubs - pubs - taverns - entertainment - promotion - competition - art - magic - juggle - juggling - beverage - mixologist - showmanship
    flair bartenders' association, inc. is dedicated to the sport of flair bartending. known for bottle flipping, flair bottles, specialty drinks, performance and extreme bartending.

  • IKSA - International Kicksled and Scooter Association
    Informal Sports
    Governing body for kicksled sports offers events calendar, including European events and World Cup, rules and regulations, photo gallery, FAQs, and contacts.
    scooter - footbike - kickbike - push scooter - kicksled - spark - naf - ncs - scooter - tretroller - trottinette - monopattino - tretschlitten - kickbike - stepslee - kicksled - sidewalker - dashboard company - pakka - shuttle - jim bob - scooter sport - autopedsport - stepsport - step elfstedentocht - stepwedstrijd - steprace - naf - ncs - kicksled - stepsport - stepkalender - scooter calendar - autopedsport - stepsleesport - kicksledding - scooter event - demos - bsv - bolswarder stepvereniging - step klup twente - one step ahead - vlaf - emab - selles kamperzeedijk - stepvereniging west overijssel - ketkupolkka - osa - skt - osw - svk - stepbond - stepclub - stepkalender - stepploeg - step - steppen - stepslee - autoped magazine - gerritjan beldman - vincent gooiker - ilse bijl - thijza brouwer - bram verbout - joost den boer - jan de boer - piet scholte - herman gooiker - jeroen van sluiters - wim kok - van rossum - martijn dashorst - demos - andre visscher - cees bakker - rudy van de bork - ronald kool - marco huisman - piet van diepen - gerard schippers - cor van der zee - laszlo prepost - bob bolten - babette bolten - peterina van der molen - arnold tuinman - dick klooster - marja van vilsteren - eric denneman - timo ten klooster - henri boer - wilhelm pelleboer - gerben pelleboer - job leusink - jan haveman - sjef schilder - esa mononen - alpo kuusisto - hannu vierikko - petr hub - multia - zlin - kamperzeedijk - wognum - sijbekarspel - eindhoven - den oever - harlingen - afsluitdijkrace - nederlandse culturele sportraad - noc nsf - olympisch comitee - zwaar fysiek - stepwiel - carbonwiel - scootermaterial - kicksled material
    autoped, naf, ncs, scooter, tretroller, trottinette, monopattino, tretschlitten, kickbike, stepslee, kicksled, sidewalker, dashboard company, pakka, shuttle, jim bob, scooter sport, autopedsport, stepsport, step elfstedentocht, stepwedstrijd, steprace, naf, ncs, kicksled, stepsport, stepkalender, scooter calendar, autopedsport, stepsleesport, kicksledding, scooter event, demos, bsv, bolswarder stepvereniging, step klup twente, one step ahead, vlaf, emab, selles kamperzeedijk, stepvereniging west overijssel, osa, skt, ketkupolkka, osw, svk, stepbond, stepclub, stepkalender, stepploeg, step, steppen, stepslee, autoped magazine, gerritjan beldman, vincent gooiker, ilse bijl, thijza brouwer, bram verbout, joost den boer, jan de boer, piet scholte, herman gooiker, jeroen van sluiters, wim kok, van rossum, martijn dashorst, demos, andre visscher, cees bakker, rudy van de bork, ronald kool, marco huisman, piet van diepen, gerard schippers, cor van der zee, laszlo prepost, bob bolten, babette bolten, peterina van der molen, arnold tuinman, dick klooster, marja van vilsteren, eric denneman, timo ten klooster, henri boer, wilhelm pelleboer, gerben pelleboer, job leusink, jan haveman, sjef schilder, esa mononen,alpo kuusisto, hannu vierikko, petr hub, multia, zlin, kamperzeedijk, wognum, sijbekarspel, eindhoven, den oever, harlingen, afsluitdijkrace, nederlandse culturele sportraad, noc nsf, olympisch comitee,zwaar fysiek, stepwiel, carbonwiel, scootermaterial, kicksled material

  • Dartball USA
    Informal Sports
    Combines the skill of darts with the rules of baseball. Information about equipment, basic rules, and regulations.

  • DooshBall
    Informal Sports
    A ball with elastic connected and a strap that has velcro attached. Wrap the strap around the wrist and bounce and catch. How to make one, news, top 3 tips, guest book, and the champions.
    dooshball sport active fun ball game

  • Kicksled Primer
    Informal Sports
    Introduction to kicksledding and different sled models. Summer kicking devices also included.

  • Archery Golf Systems
    Informal Sports
    Project for sporting entertainment: combines golf, archery and outdoor walks. Principles, reviews and facilities are aptly demonstrated.
    sporting activities - archery golf - archery - walking in nature - sports structures - sports facilities
    project for sporting entertainment; the perfect solution for entertaining tourist of alla ages. it combines golf, archery and pleasant walks in contact with nature.

  • Freeze Tag Basketball
    Informal Sports
    A form of basketball where select players can "freeze" other players. Contains a listing of rules amd biographical information about the creators.

  • Belgium Danball
    Informal Sports
    A street ball game played by two teams, each with three or more players. Information and rules.
    danball ballsports belgium belgian league rob van helvoort
    danball basically is a game, but it's really so much more. it's friendship, it's competition, it's pizza, but above all, it's just outright fun. the first game in belgium was played on a frosty evening in february 1997. up till now we had four games with a lot more to come as people start to discover the fun of playing danball.

  • Xenon's Xexnonball
    Informal Sports
    Includes rules, field layout, photo of trophy, and details about the World Xenonball Championships to be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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