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  • andhra pradesh korfball
    English language site of the Andhra Pradesh Korfball Association or APKA, based in India, featuring photos from national championships.

  • British Korfball Association
    Includes description of korfball, competitions, rules and regulations, bulletins, notice board, and related links.
    bka - british korfball association - korfball - national league - bka cup - bka championships - korfball clubs - korfball teams - korfbal - junior korfball - bka youth - co - educational sports - mixed team sports
    the british korfball association, governing body of korfball in great britain

  • Cambridgeshire Korfball Association
    Information about the sport locally, including news, fixtures, results, and a listing of clubs in Cambridgeshire and Littleport, England.
    cambridge - korfball - association - basketball - netball - lions - tigers - phoenix - university - city - cambridgeshire - cka - koffball - corfball
    cambridgeshire korfball association

  • Croydon Korfball Club
    Includes news, photographs, match reports, and statistics.

  • English Korfball Association
    The English Korfball Association, governing body of the sport in England. Featuring latest news and details of national competitions and squads.

  • ESCK 2005
    Official site of the European Student Championship Korfball 2005 to be held in Wageningen the Netherlands. Includes news, committee photos, team registration, map, and program summary.

  • International Korfball Federation
    The official site with results, rules, addresses, clubs, photographs, news, general information, and links.

  • International Korfball Federation (IKF)
    The official site with results, rules, national associations and clubs, photographs, news, general information and links.

  • iSportsDigest.com: Korfball
    A directory with links to over 150 Korfball sites.
    sports - korfball - netball - clubs - associations - competitions - korfbal - sports
    a directory with links to korfball sites on the internet.

  • Kent Korfball Association
    Includes news, events, contact information, competitions, referees, rules and related links.
    kka - kent korfball association - korfball - korfball clubs - korfball teams - korfbal - junior korfball - kwiek - kwiek korfball club - mixed team sports - co - educational sports - national league - kent league - kent cup - kent championships
    kent korfball association, kka, playing korfball the mixed team sport and associated social activities

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