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  • Belgian Rope Skipping Federation
    Rope Skipping
    This is the Official Belgian Rope Skipping federation site. All information about Championships, records, teams is to be found here.

  • British Columbia and Yukon Skipping Association
    Rope Skipping
    News and information about the official policies of the BCYSA and about rope jumping in general.

  • British Rope Skipping Association
    Rope Skipping
    Includes membership information, championships, results, and events. Also provides media FAQs and an archive of photos, world champions, silver medalists, results, and information about the National Skipping Festival.

  • Canadian Rope Skipping Federation
    Rope Skipping
    Promotes the sport throughout Canada. Features an events calendar and results, rules and regulations, photo gallery, membership details, links and resources.

  • Double Dutch Divas
    Rope Skipping
    Gives a brief history of the team, member pictures, events they've participated in, and regognition they've received.

  • Double Dutch Forces
    Rope Skipping
    An exceptional group of double dutchers that excel in rope jumping competitions. Pictures, schedule information and history provided.

  • Double-D-Force
    Rope Skipping
    Crew based in The Netherlands that performs at parties and shows. Contains member biographies, pictures, and movies.

  • Dutch Rope Skipping Committee
    Rope Skipping
    News, tricks list, records, reports on national and international events, and archives of published articles. In English and Dutch.

  • European Rope Skipping Organization
    Rope Skipping
    Rulebook, news, country contacts, skills list, materials directory, results, and pictures.

  • Extreme Rope
    Rope Skipping
    An alternative way of using a long jump rope as an extreme sport. Explains how to use the rope, set it up, and generally have fun with it. Photographs and tricks.

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